Mountain vs. Particle

Here’s an interesting excerpt from the ‘muqaddimah‘ (preface) of Fiqh-ul-Quloob.
ان فقه القلوب هو الاصل 
الذي يقوم عليه فقه الجوارح
و فقه الجوارح بالنسبة لفقه القلوب
كالذدة بالنسبة للجبل….
كل واحديكمل الاخر
فلا قبول لاي عمل الا باجتماعهما
Roughly translated:
It means that the fiqh of hearts is the foundation on which the fiqh of limbs stands. And if you compare them both then example of the fiqh of hearts is like a mountain and example of fiqh of jawarih (limbs) is like a particle – a very small thing.
Though both are important and both complete each other, and there is no acceptance of deeds until both are combined.
But just look at the comparison… Isn’t it simply amazing? Like a mountain and like a particle!
It sure makes you think, how much you take care of your heart in contrast to your limbs!

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