Quick & Deep Self-Analysis!


There’s a most interesting segment of FQ’s class. And that is learning a sentence or two (in Arabic) from the book from each lesson. Repeating it over and over again does help in getting you over the shyness or hesitation you feel with Arabic. Saying it out loud also has a direct effect on your heart. You actually start feeling it. Somehow, it’s fun too. :P

We learnt from our first lesson,

 كل من احب الله انس به ومن احب غير الله عذب به

[Rough translation:] Whoever will love Allah, will feel affability (closeness) through it. And whoever will love (someone) other than Allah, will feel torture through it.

Transliteration: kullu man ahabba-llaha anisa bihi wa man ahabba ghaira-llahi ‘uzziba bihi

And from our second class, we’re free to learn any sentence we love. (The one I loved and have learnt comes in another post). :D
But with this experience, we learnt another deep thing, that I never want to forget myself and want to share it here as well.
If you try to memorize a simple sentence in Arabic from FQ, or take any verse from the Quran or any hadith or wise quote of the salaf-us-saaliheen, and after so much learning you still get stuck somewhere, when saying it out, then think, “What I’m learning, am I acting against it in my real life? Do I really accept what I’m trying to learn? Do I actually believe in it?”
By this self-analysis, you’ll come to know what the root problem is. *shivers*
P.S. Do try this at least once!

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