Contentment Actually


The book just keeps getting better!

So I was reviewing the previous lesson, and I couldn’t decide what to write about. But then, towards the end, I read these two lines, and I was like, BAM! this is it. :D

ولا يمكن لأحد أن يعبر الصراط إلى الجنة إلا إذا اتصف بثلاث صفات وهي:
أن يرضى بالله ربّاً.. وبالإسلام ديناً.. وبمحمد  صلى الله عليه وسلم  رسولاً.

[very rough translation:] “..and it is not possible for anyone to cross as-Siraat (the bridge) that leads to Jannah except that he has three qualities:
That he is pleased with Allah as Rabb, with Islam as religion, and with Muhammad (SAW) as messenger.”

That Bridge, as we know, is not over a body of water. Hell is beneath it, and Paradise at its end. Every single person will be made to cross that bridge on the Day of Judgement. So whoever made it till the end, shall enter Paradise, and whoever faltered, shall fall in the deepest of pits (Hell).

The bare minimum you need to cross that bridge successfully is to have those three qualities (mentioned above) in you. It’s not enough to say these words. It’s important to believe them with your heart, and ‘do’ them with your limbs. To the extent that anyone who looks at you or your life instantly realizes that you are content.

Content means happy, satisfied, wanting nothing more, having a mind at peace.

You are content, satisfied and pleased with Allah as your Rabb. As your Creator, your Owner, your Sustainer. You do not wish for anyone else to take His place. No other gods; physical, mythical, intellectual or in any other form. He’s enough for you. He’s the One for you.

You are content, satisfied and pleased with Islam as your religion. As your creed, your way of life, your ‘thing’. You do not think of it as incomplete or irrational or outdated. You love it, you study it, you implement it. You thank Allah for it. You can’t imagine your life without it. You’re proud to be associated with it. You are Muslim.

You are content, satisfied and pleased with Muhammad (SAW) as your messenger. You believe him and in whatever he said. You love him, you obey him, and you follow him. You thank Allah for sending him, and revealing the Qur’an through him, without which your life would have no meaning. You read about him, and your heart fills with love for him. You read about the hardships he went through, and your eyes fill up with tears for him. You come to know of his favors on you, and you can’t think of a way to repay him. You love your Prophet and you know it.


If yes, then proclaim please! (That means share with others, online or offline. Make a big deal out of it. Kthanksbye.)


9 comments on “Contentment Actually

  1. MashaAllah..another amazing.thought provoking(trying to use awesome words to look u -_-) piece…May Allah reward you good, abundantly and accept all ur efforts with His Mercy!

  2. Awesome, mashaAllah! I’m reading all the old blog posts now for the first time :o This is one of the best. Eye-opening!

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