The following line struck me the most in the previous lesson:

والمطلوب من كل مسلم استعمال جميع الصلاحيات والطاقات التي أعطاه الله لنشر الهداية والدعوة إلى الله، حتى يعبد الله وحده لا شريك له.

[roughly translated] “.. and the requirement from each Muslim is usage of all the abilities and energies that Allah has bestowed upon him for the propagation of guidance and calling towards Allah, till Allah, who is One and has no partner, is worshiped.”

Let me explain..
A Muslim is the one who surrenders to the will of Allah (SWT). He’s the slave, and Allah is the Master. Clearly, the slave is bound to follow some guidelines set by the Master. He’s to fulfill some requirements in order to please the Master.
One of those requirements, rather THE requirement, from a Muslim is that he must use all his abilities, capabilities, energies, capacities, strengths etc. for two things:

  1. propagation of “the guidance” [basically everything that ‘guides’ one to the Straight Path]
  2. calling towards Allah [Da`wah]
Point to be noted: these abilities and energies have been bestowed on the slave by none other than the Master. So it’s strange that a Muslim will use them anywhere other than what the Master requires of him. Y’know?
Furthermore, while doing the two things mentioned above, the Muslim will have a target: keep going till Allah Alone is worshiped. Keep going till the time the whole world accepts Him as the one true God, and worships Him alone. That’s when you stop (read: never).
When you set your goal high, you’ll achieve high too.
These last words moved me. How many of us know our ultimate goal in life? How many of us know exactly what we’re supposed to achieve? Did you know before reading this that you’re required to work for Allah’s cause with all your capabilities and strengths till the whole world becomes Muslim? Or did you think that helping 1-2 people come towards the guidance will suffice you? And that’ll be enough to please Allah on the Day of Judgement? WAKE UP PEOPLE! Don’t let time just pass you by. You’re here for a great cause. Own it! Strive for it! Live it up!
*insert an awesome last line here*

4 comments on “Goal!

  1. Well written! And for those who are striving hard to spread Allah\’s words, they should read this:
    Imam Ibn Hambal when he was being tortured and imprisoned because he rejected Mamoun Rashed\’s Takhleeq Quran philosophy and other Mutazili concepts. While he was imprisoned, he was being driven to another place in a vehicle, along with him was a theif, the theif asked him, why are you caged? After listening to the reply of Imam Hanbal, he said, I am upon evil, and I never give up although I have been caught and abused several times, you are upon Haq, you must never back down!

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