The Missing Part!


Here’s what we’re actually missing:

والله عزَّ وجلَّ أعطانا الاستعداد الكامل للقيام بالدعوة والعبادة، وأكثر المسلمين اليوم ترك الدعوة إلى الله، لأنه صار قانعاً بالعمل الصالح، فالعابد ميدانه نفسه.. والداعي ميدانه كل الناس.. وكلاهما على خير.. لكن القطرة لا تقارن بالبحر، وكلاهما لازم.

فالعبادة واجب الأمة، والدعوة وظيفة الأمة.

Rough translation: “And Allah S.W.T has given full strength for the establishment of da’wah (calling towards Allah) and ‘ibadah (worship). And majority of the Muslims today have left calling towards Allah (da’wah illa Allah). Because they have become content on their good deeds. So, the field of action of a worshipper is his own nafs (self) and the field of action of a da’ee (caller towards Allah) is the whole mankind. And both of them – da’ee and worshiper – are in khair (good). But a drop cannot reach the sea (in status). And both of them are compulsory. So worship is an obligation of this ummah and da’wah is the job of this ummah.”

Allah has given us full strength for the establishment of both worship and da’wah. Did you know that? We usually think we are capable of doing only one of these things. But in spite of that much strength, today most of the Muslims have left da’wah. Isn’t that sad? The energy they are given for da’wah goes all wasted.

And why have they left da’wah? Because they think their personal good deeds are enough for them. They are so content over them that they do not think any further. And they forget that their field of action is extremely narrow and limited, only confined to their own selves. It’s like a drop only.

While the da’ee’s field of action is broad and includes the whole of mankind. It’s like the sea.

Yes, both of them are in good but the good in each of these things has no comparison. It’s as absurd as comparing a drop with the whole sea.

And it’s just not about the incomparable good in each of them. But they both, are compulsory too. How? Such that worship is an obligation but calling towards Allah (da’wah) is the job assigned to this ummah.

We just can’t ignore our duty, can we?


2 comments on “The Missing Part!

  1. Assalamualaikum..
    nice post

    small correction:

    1.” And both these things are of khair (good).”
    the correct translation could be :
    ” and both of them-Daee and worshiper- are in khair (good) “.

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