Throughout the previous class, and the study sessions after it, the one thing that struck me the most was the realization that I am to blame. It’s `ajeeb, really.

ورحمة الله لنا مشروطة برحمة جميع من في الأرض، وكيف نكون رحمة للعالمين وقد تركنا الكفار والمشركين والعصاة تائهين ضالين، منحدرين في أودية الكفر والفسق والفساد؟.

Roughly translated: “..and Allah’s Mercy for us is conditional on mercy for everyone in the Earth. And how can we be a mercy for the worlds when we’ve left the disbelievers, the polytheists and the disobedient deceived and lost in the valleys of infidelity, immorality and corruption?”

Simply put, Allah will show mercy to us only if we show mercy to others. And how can we ever claim that we do show mercy to others when we’re doing the exact opposite by letting the disbelievers and deniers of Allah wander in the valleys of kufr, fisq and fasaad? We don’t help them come out of there. We’ve taken the ladder away from them which could’ve helped them climb up to see that there was more to this world than that small valley of theirs. We, my friend, are at fault.


ومن العجيب أننا نقطع صلاة الفريضة لإنقاذ نفس من الهلاك، وهذا واجب، ونترك ما هو أعظم منه، وهو ترك ملايين البشر يغرقون في أودية الكفر والفسوق والعصيان، ويذهبون إلى النار بعد موتهم.

Roughly translated: “..and it is `ajeeb (odd/amazing) that we cut short (or leave) the obligatory prayer to save a person’s life from destruction, although it’s imperative. But we leave something that’s greater than this (more astonishing), and that is leaving millions of humans drowning in valleys of infidelity, immorality and disobedience, and they go to the Fire after their death.”

 It’s sort of `ajeeb that we can leave our fard (obligatory) prayer in order to save a life from destruction. It does seem a bit weird, no doubt. But it’s the right thing to do. In fact, it’s what a person MUST do in the situation. If a life’s at stake, you must delay your Salah. Save the human life first, and then pray.

But you know what’s even more `ajeeb? That millions of lives are at stake right now, but we can’t get out of our comfort zone in order to save them from destruction. We’re too busy praying tahajjud and keeping voluntary fasts, and doing adhkaar day and night, that we don’t have the time to save MILLIONS of souls from the Fire. We have Peace TV for that, don’t we?
Now I’m not saying praying tahajjud and keeping voluntary fasts etc. is wrong. These are actually quite virtuous deeds. My point is, don’t be selfish. Don’t keep all the good stuff of Hereafter to yourself. Help others have a share. You owe it to them!

Later on in the chapter, the author says:

ومن المؤسف حقاً أننا نقف ضد مرتكب الجريمة في شأن المخلوق، ولا نقف ضد مرتكب جريمة الكفر والشرك في شأن أحكم الحاكمين، فهلا ندعوه إلى الله، ونعلمه الدين، ليرضى عنه رب العالمين، ويكرمه بالجنة دار المتقين.

Roughly translated: “..It is very unfortunate that we stand against the perpetrator of the crime against creatures (or creation), but we do not stand against the perpetrator of the crime of infidelity and polytheism against the Ahkam-ul-Hakimeen (Best of judges). Why don’t we call him (latter perpetrator) to Allah, and we teach him religion (Deen), so the Lord of the Worlds may be pleased with him, and honor him with Paradise – the abode for the muttaqeen (God-conscious).”

What saddens the author (and me) is, that we’ll always stand against violation of human rights and animal rights and this rights and that rights, but we don’t stand against those who violate rights of Allah by denying Him or associating partners with Him. Why?! Isn’t the latter much greater in intensity than the former, considering whom the crime is being committed against?

Why don’t we call this criminal towards Allah? Why don’t we teach him the Deen? The author says it like it’s the only solution – and it is, SubhanAllah! These two things can change someone’s life forever. A person destined to Hell might end up gaining Allah’s Pleasure and spending eternity in Jannah – the abode for the God-fearing people. And YOU might be the reason for it. How cool would that be? :D

One word: Da`wah. It is your service to humanity.

P.S. We think that the disbelievers and the polytheists are such sinners, and they’ll go straight to Hell unlike us etc. Note that the author talks about mushrikeen and kuffar like they’re being wronged by Muslims. That they wouldn’t be in this state if Muslims were doing their job properly. Muslims are, in fact, to blame.

I’m to blame. `Ajeeb!

P.P.S. couldn’t find an English parallel for the word `ajeeb, so I let it be.


11 comments on “`Ajeeb!

  1. Asalamualikum
    MashaAllah beautifully written . I never understood the ABC’s of Dawah and now i completely understand it..the book is a masterpiece no doubt..
    May Allah put barakah in ur efforts and guide us to do the RIGHT thing

  2. …wa tawasaw bil haqq wa tawasaw bis- sabr… (Surah al-Asr) .. we are to blame .. INDEED … may Allah SWT help us and guide us in all our matters.

  3. Assalam o Alaikum!! m new 2 all this but it all sounds really gud :) may Allah SWT guide us all 2wrds the right path :)

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