I am going to share a personal experience of mine, in the hope that it will be of benefit to you inshaAllah.

Read these lines from the book first and then we’ll go on:

إن البشرية كافة كما يحتاجون إلى الهواء والماء والطعام كل آن، ولا يستثنى من ذلك أحد، ولا تستقيم لهم حياة إلا بذلك، فكذلك الناس كلهم أشد حاجة إلى الدين الحق الذي يبين علاقة المخلوقات بـخالقها، وينظم علاقة المخلوق بالمخلوق، ويوفر لهم السعادة في الدنيا والآخرة، إذا حققوا مراد الله من خلقه بالإيمان به وعبادته وطاعته، واتبعوا كتابه الذي أنزله عليهم، ورسوله الذي أرسله إليهم، واستقاموا على دينه:

في الإيمان.. والعبادات.. والمعاملات.. والمعاشرات.. والأخلاق.

[Roughly translated:] Indeed just as all mankind has a need towards desires and water and food all the time, and not one is excepted, and life cannot be established without them, similarly all humans have an even stronger need towards the true Deen (religion) which clarifies relationship of the creation with its Creator, and disciplines relationship of the creation with creation, and provides happiness in this world and the hereafter, when they fulfill Allah’s requirement from His creation by believeing in Him, worshipping Him and obeying Him, and by following the book that He has revealed towards them, and by following the Prophet that He has sent towards them, and by establishing the Deen firmly: in faith.. and worship.. and dealings.. and cohabitation.. and conduct.

In short, it means that your need towards the true religion, which brings recognition of Allah, is greater than your need towards water, food and desires for your survival. And you get a satisfactory outcome if you fulfill Allah’s requirements.

Wallahi! It has happened to me more than once. I was dying of hunger and sleep sometime before our Fiqh-ul-Quloob class. And as the class started, I realized midway that my hunger and sleep had vanished. I was genuinely astonished. I couldn’t feel any of those cravings anymore. I felt my body charged with energy. And my heart felt full of some satisfying stuff (that I can’t really explain).

Later, I realized this is the effect of beneficial knowledge. You start feeling closer to Allah and everything else ebbs away. This is the reason today we run after materialistic things all the time and are never satisfied. Because our other more pressing need is not gratified. No, I’m not saying that don’t eat or sleep. Those things are necessary, but just don’t overdo them. Remember that there is another much greater need that needs fulfillment. I guarantee you that your heart can never be at rest without this other need being fulfilled.

My confidence in the above statement comes from the verse:

 “Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured.” [13:28]

And imagine the unimaginable happiness that you would get in both the worlds if you believe in Him, are obedient to Him, follow His Book and Messenger s.a.w and establish His Deen in all the right ways.

It’s only a matter of experiencing it, you’d definitely want more! :)


4 comments on “Fulfillment!

  1. MashaAllah TabarakaAllah , very nice article . try to write SallaAllaho Alaihi Wasallam completely, as our scholars of Hadith said.

  2. AS every one know that our body is made of mud so to give energy to our body we get every thing from mud like vegetables fruits and even animals and milk products are from mud as they also get food same way . IN the same way our soul has come from the sky,and above so its food and energy also comes from there.what is the food of our soul?to stay alive our soul needs five prayers a day ,even suppliments like TAHAJUD,and ISHRAK etc. QURAAN every day, NAWAFALS like fruits, zikar etc ……..what happens when we dont get food ,0ur body feel hungery, latter weak, then angry, irritated,depressed and in the end ready to kill. IN the same way when our soul is hungry ,dont get s its food, BUT UN AWARE OF THE FACTS ,AND REALITY, CONFUSED,IRRITATED ANGRY,AND IN THE END DEEP DEPRESSED. WHAT HAPPENS? starts findind ways to relax ,music, drugs,etc nothing happens ,but when ever ,who ever had an opertunity to find the right path they start understanding what was missing in their lives.the soul is now relaxed, happy ALHUMDULILLAH. SO PLEASE DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER AND SPREAD THE MESSAGE AS MUCH AS U CAN ,LEAVING THE RESULTS IN THE HANDS OF ALLAH SUBHANAWATAALAH .

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