Beautiful Thoughts, Beautiful Actions



وأحسن ما ركبه الله في العقول والقلوب والفطر حسن التوحيد والإيمان بالله، وأحسن ما ركبه على الجوارح حسن الأخلاق والعمل الصالح.

[Roughly translated:] “And the best things that Allah has superimposed on the minds and hearts and fitrahs [innate disposition of man] are the beauty of Tawheed [monotheism] and Imaan [belief] in Allah; and the best things that He has superimposed on the jawaarih [limbs/body parts] are good morals and good deeds.”

Two basic principles:

  1. It’s best if what occupies and dominates your mind, heart and fitrah is: Tawheed and Imaan.
  2. It’s best if what occupies and dominates your limbs and body parts is: good morals and good deeds.

A lot can occupy one’s mind and heart – thoughts about the past, present or future, food, clothes, shoes, love, chemistry, metaphysics, smartphones, bills, space, hate, algebra, nano technology, terrorism, colors, music, movies, cars, gold, silver, trees, books, global warming, ozone layer, friends, diseases, enemies, jewelry, weather, ties, buttonholes – anything really.. And our thoughts eventually become actions. We ‘do’ as we think.
For example, X loves rain. He steps outside, it’s raining. He thinks ‘wow, great weather!’, and smiles and enjoys his time.
Y hates rain. He steps outside, it’s raining. He thinks ‘oh man, not again!’, and frowns, and does not enjoy the weather at all.
Analysis: same circumstances, two different persons, different minds, different thoughts, thus different reactions.

What Allah deems best for our minds and hearts to be occupied with is ‘the beauty of Tawheed and Imaan in Allah’. Once these become our food for thought, imagine the outcome – ‘beautiful actions’ (based on the thoughts-become-actions principle).

When we start thinking about Allah, the Most Beautiful, we’ll want to know more. When we start learning more about Him, we’ll recognize Him. Once we recognize Him, we’ll want to please Him and attain His Love. Then we won’t find anything occupying our hearts but Allah. We’ll feel good after smiling to someone, and using our hands to help someone, and using our feet to walk towards the masjid, and using our stomach to eat only that which Allah made halaal for us, and our tongues won’t dare utter nonsense, we’ll keep them busy with the remembrance of Allah. You see.. good morals, good deeds –> beautiful actions. :)

Plan of action (for me, and anyone else who wants to take it):

  • memorize the quote, put it up on a prominent place (desktop background?)
  • start indulging in beautiful thoughts about Allah
  • smile to yourself when your body starts doing beautiful actions




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