Poison – Beware!


If you’re young (or even if you’re not), this is for you.

إن من البلاء العظيم أن ينثر الأعداء في ساحة المسلمين علوماً مسمومة.. وأفكاراً متباينة.. علوم كلها غث هزيل.. عسر الهضم.. يأكل الوقت.. ويميت القلب.. ويورث الشك والحيرة والجدل، ويدعو إلى الفسوق والعصيان.

[Roughly translated:] Indeed, among the biggest trials is that the enemies have spread, in the yard of Muslims, poisonous ‘ulum, and far-away thoughts. All these ‘ulum are weightless rubbish, they are difficult to digest, devour time, and cause hearts to die, and they leave behind doubt, wonderment and conflict, and they call towards transgression and sin. 

Don’t you feel that every word of the above statement is true? I am sure each one of you has experienced it some time or other in your life, the indulgence in knowledge that is not only useless but also harmful.

That’s what our hearts are consuming

After attending the above lesson, I went straight to university *insert any university’s name here, it’s going to fit*. As I was sitting there, I observed the students around me. There were thousands of them and they talked about every possible thing on the face of earth, from fashion to food to family to movies to teachers to news to…. well, it’s a long list! The point is, not one of those topics was of any benefit at all. Although, students are supposed to be the most productive entities of a society, since they are so learned. Why then do we see the exact opposite?


1. We are taught disciplines that are poisonous. (I love the choice of words of the author, don’t you?) What does poison do to the human body? It eats away the insides, makes the inner rotten such that it becomes dysfunctional. This is what poisonous disciplines do. They cripple the minds of the most precious body of a society, its students! This is why it’s called as one of the biggest trials.

2. Far-away thoughts. We talk and talk, considering ourselves the most intellectual beings on the face of the earth, about things that are not even near practicality. Or they’re just contradictory opinions that are being expressed.

Characteristics of these disciplines

  • Weightless rubbish: No basis, no solid foundation. Hypothesis upon hypothesis.
  • Difficult to digest: No one really gets it but you gotta study in order to keep up with the status quo.
  • Devour time: You spend hours and hours on them with absolutely no end result.
  • Cause hearts to die: Hearts are steered away from their real nourishment and they become dead and hard. Scary!
  • Leave behind doubt, wonderment and conflict: What do you see in the world today?
  • Call towards transgression and sin: We cry on the high level of corruption and increased crime rate, don’t we?

Can you think of any such subject? Plenty, yeah?

Take Economics for instance. We are taught about Communism, Capitalism etc. But we’re told that all these -isms are actually faulty. One of the greatest Western economists himself said that Islam provides the best economic system. But we don’t study that.

Take Literature. Most of it comprises of stories of old times which baffle the reader by the end of the tale and only makes him depressed and useless. Where are they applied in real life?

The purpose is not to pinpoint any subject, rather make you realize that instead of acquiring knowledge of disciplines that have no application in this world nor any use in the hereafter, wouldn’t it be better to actually learn subjects that can be related to and applied for the betterment of both the worlds?

Have you ever felt this way before? If yes, don’t suppress your feelings thinking you’re the odd one out. Channelize them. Do something about it. Use your own unique skills to stop the current mess in whatever way you can (I say that to myself first).

If not you, who is going to say it out? Who is going to bring the change? Don’t leave the responsibility for someone else. There is no ‘someone’. It’s either you or no one.

Share in the comment section below, the subjects that you’re studying/have studied and you think they have no real application anywhere. Also, suggest solutions.



3 comments on “Poison – Beware!

  1. Assalamualaikum, this is a very insightful article MashaAllah. Jazakillahu khair!
    Sadly, the education systems in many countries have made it necessary for students to study these useless topics/subjects which have no practicality at all. SubhanAllah, one is literally “forced” to waste time in these, otherwise his school/university degree would be at stake.
    It’s sad.
    Allahu musta’aan.

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