Truth Stands Out!


The reality of the real scholars,

علماء أبرار يسيرون مع الحق أين سارت ركائبه.. كل منهم يستنير بالكتاب والسنة.. ويعمل بالحق ويدعو إليه.. ليرى الناس الدين سهلاً ميسراً.. نقياً صافياً.. لم تكدره آراء أهل البدع والأهواء.. ولم تحرفه أيدي أهل السوء والنفاق.

[Roughly translated:]“Pious scholars go with haqq (truth) wherever it goes. All of them obtain nur (light) from the Book and the Sunnah. And they act upon that which is haqq (truth) and call towards it, so that the people can see that the deen (religion) is simplified and accessible, pure and clear; opinions of people of innovation and desires do not pollute it; and the hands of people of evil and hypocrisy do not distort it”.

Pious scholars go where the haqq goes. They do not care where does it take them, either to the depths of misery or to poverty or trial and affliction. They just know that they have to stick with the haqq, and so they do.

Why are they so persistent about always being with the haqq? Because their plan of action, the guiding light of their life’s path, comes from the Book and the Sunnah. These two sources are so strong and complete that they help them be steadfast on the haqq alone!

And so when it’s engraved in their hearts, then they act upon that haqq. (It must come naturally then). And they call others towards it. They’ve got the best thing, they know how cool it is so they want it for everyone.

Why do they call towards it? So that the people can see that the deen (religion) is easy and crystal clear. Isn’t this a beautiful motive of theirs? Because people most of the times do not know that

  • deen is so simple without any rocket science formulas to it.
  • And that it is accessible. Just open the Book and the Sunnah and everything is right there. You don’t have to struggle to get to know the right thing. Or find it in deserts and forests. It’s just here.
  • It is pure without any contaminated particles from here and there. Allah Himself has protected it from impurities.
  • It’s clear. Clear as day. No ambiguities or maybes.

The deen is not polluted by the opinions of people of innovation and desire. People of innovation try to add new things in deen but they don’t really succeed. The true deen remains pure. And the people of desire want to exclude stuff in the deen that goes against their whims. But that does not happen either.

Also, hypocrites and evil people might try to distort and alter the real thing so that it becomes something else and deludes people but they fail to do so. The truth stands out as the truth!

The point is when deen is so simplified, accessible, pure, clear, not in any danger of being polluted and distorted from forces that try to attack it, also the sources are definite and clear-cut, WHAT stops us from taking it? Isn’t it the best truth? Haven’t the pious scholars proven that it is follow-able, don’t they do it no matter what? These pious scholars will be a hujjat (argument) against us if we don’t follow the haqq because they themselves do it so flawlessly.

And then WHY don’t we tell others how easy and beautiful it is? Let them know. Spread the love!


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