Behind the Scenes


From the preface of Fiqh ul Quloob, here’s something about how it was worked upon by its author.

وقد أمضيت أكثر من ربع قرن، وأتبعت الليل بالنهار، والوقت بعد الوقت، في جمع وتحصيل وتحرير ما بين يديك، وآثرت ذلك على جميع اللذات التي تميل إليها النفوس، وقيدت نفسي من أجله عن كثير من المناسبات، وجمعته واعتصرته من أكثر من ألف مرجع، وأطلت فيه فكري، وأتعبت نفسي، لينفع الله به من يشاء من عباده ممن يصل إليه

[Roughly translated:] And indeed I spent more than a quarter century, and I followed days with nights, and moments after moments, in collecting and obtaining and writing what is in your hands (i.e. this book), and I preferred this over most pleasures that people are inclined towards, and because of it I imprisoned myself  from lots of frolics (parties, weddings, functions), and I collected it and extracted it from more than a thousand books, and I broadened my thinking in it, and I exhausted myself, so that Allah gives benefit with it to whom He wills from his slaves, from that which reaches them of it (i.e. this book).

Now just imagine! (Turn off yourself from other stuff and only turn on your inner eye of imagination).

YOU are the one who spent more than twenty five years in writing a book. (Think about your present age and calculate those twenty five years). You worked and worked without worrying about whether its day or night. It didn’t really matter. You just had to work. And so you wasted not even a single moment. So you did extensive research and collected and obtained only the useful material from stacks and stacks of information and you collected the content and extracted it after going carefully through more than a thousand books. And it was your top priority. You put it first and for that you had to forego all the pleasures that people indulge themselves into (e.g, eating good food and sleeping and talking on the phone and Facebook-ing and Tweeting and going on outings and having adventures and reading novels etc.) and you had to let go of partying with your friends and weddings of your relatives and functions of enjoyment. Instead of all that you shut yourself in your house and just worked on your book. You gave it great thought and broadened the horizons of your thinking as much as you could. You positively exhausted yourself!

Whew! Feel drained just by thinking all this? I do too. We just thought about it but he did all this. We feel it’s tough doing something for 25 months, nay, 25 weeks! And a quarter century!

But the question is, why? What can compel a person to work this much? Wealth? Some benefit? A degree? Fame?
The author’s reason: so that Allah gives benefit with it to whom He wills from His slaves. Only for giving benefit to others!

خير الناس من ينفع الناس

The best of people are those who are of most benefit to others.

But the thing that strikes me most is that if you put so much effort in something, would you still attribute the good that would reach through that book, to Allah? Isn’t this humility at its extreme that you think you did nothing but its Allah who will give benefit to whom He pleases?

May Allah accept it from the author and give benefit with it to people in all four corners of the world.

And indeed it is Allah who grants good, not us. If I’m writing this post here (and I haven’t even spent 25 hours on it), it is Allah’s taufiq and if this benefits someone and makes him think that he should do something in the path of Allah too and for the benefit of mankind as much as his strength allows so that he can offer it to Allah on the Day of Judgement for his salvation and so that people get guided and are saved from the hell-fire and he actually starts something good even though it maybe small then that impulse is from Allah alone!

Who’s excited to read the book? :p


12 comments on “Behind the Scenes

  1. Allah o Akbar!
    Reminded me of Imam bukhari who compiled his Boook “الجامع الصحيح” known by SAHEEH BUKHARI in 16 years.
    Very nice article mashaAllah.
    May Allah give us taufeeq to guide people towards the true Deen. Aameen

  2. Alhamdulillah. May Allah raise the rank of the author of this book as well as the people who are teaching and studying it.

    Can we get the book? Hard copy I prefer? I can send money for TCS. Is it translated?

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