My Shaykh and I


We’ve only reached the end of the book’s preface till now, and it already feels like we’ve come so far. We wonder how the actual chapters will be if the preface is so awesome.

ولولا توفيق الله وعونه ما تحركت له همة، ولا خطته اليد، أما وقد وصل إليك بفضل الله، فلا يكون حظك منه الإعجاب بأسلوبه وعرضه، والإعراض عن قلبه ولبه.

فهو لعموم المسلمين.. لكنك المخاطب به.. وأنت المقصود منه.. وما كتب لأحد سواك، فأكرم الضيف الذي حل بك، وأكرم نزله بأداء حقه بما فيه، ونشره ونفع المسلمين به، رفع الله درجاتك في الجنان، وزينك بالتقوى والإيمان، ونفع بك المسلمين في كل مكان.

[Roughly translated:] “Were it not for the tawfeeq and help of Allah, strength would not have been found (to compile this book) and the hand would not have written it. But it has reached you by the Grace of Allah; so don’t just get impressed by its style and presentation, ignoring its heart and core.

It’s for all Muslims, but you are its addressee; it’s meant for you, and it’s not written for anyone except you. So honor the guest that has come your way by giving due right to what’s in it, and by spreading it, and by benefiting the Muslims with it. May Allah increase your ranks in the Heavens, and adorn you with taqwa (piety) and Imaan; and benefit Muslims everywhere through you.”

Just when I was admiring the author’s style and efforts, he caught me. And I’m sure I’m not the only culprit!
And since he corrected me where I went wrong, I feel like his student. So I’ll refer to him as ‘Shaykh’ from now on, instead of ‘the author’. =D

Shaykh tells us about the real purpose of this book. That it’s meant for me – the reader. It’ll be talking to me directly throughout. So I have to listen to it and follow its advice, not just read it for the sake of reading, and appreciate the Shaykh for his God-gifted talents.

Then Shaykh gives me a du`a. He asks Allah to raise my ranks in Jannah and to ‘adorn’ me with taqwa and Imaan. He asks me to share this knowledge ahead, benefiting the Muslims. I thank Allah for making me an obedient student. And I find yet another reason to write on this blog. <3

My Shaykh prayed for me – that Muslims everywhere benefit through me. I have a huge duty to perform. May Allah help me.
But first, I gotta work on myself. I gotta read this book!


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