Accepting Changes

While we were discussing about the chapters of the book, there was this point when we talked about why we do not accept the change or the new knowledge? So I started brainstorming about the possible hurdles and I came up with one major thing that was “NOT LOOKING FOR THE BETTER SIDE” and majorly the root of everything is LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.

We follow the same old things and same old ways but do not try anything new. I understood it by taking the example of my mother, who is actually scared of “CELLPHONE”. Well, seriously. You all might be like “:O” but yes she is! :p

You know why she doesn’t start using it? Because she says “I understand my diary better than the mobile”. Even though she has to keep a record of people and their contact details very much but she is comfortable with her diaries more than a tiny cellphone which, in fact, is far more better than the diary but she is used to it and doesn’t know about the advantages of using the cellphone.

And then I started thinking why do I find it better? It is because I know how to use it, I know the advantages I can have with it and so many things.

Well that was just a tiny example but when it comes to understanding different new things we learn about DEEN or even DUNIYA, we don’t accept them because of several factors including our INNER MOST DESIRES which actually hold us back from doing something good, and maybe it’s the fear of becoming the MISFIT in the society that becomes the hurdle.

Then another major fact is our OLD PRACTICES that make us rigid in accepting new knowledge, we think whatever we used to do before is right and then our ego becomes the hurdle and we are out of patience for listening to the right things even.

Sometimes we don’t accept the knowledge because of the FEAR OF FAILURE, we are scared of people around us, we think we’ll be the odd one among everyone and hence there is a BLOCKAGE! We stop putting efforts and the fear causes us to do nothing and we stop moving forward, and when we stop moving forward we miss so many great things that can change our lives.

“In order to succeed the desire of success should be more than the fear of failure”. -Bill Cosby

Another hurdle is the SENTIMENTAL INVOLVEMENT, which is one of the reasons we don’t accept the right things, we think our parents are right. We all know the example of the misguided people who had the Quran and Prophet right in front of them and they considered their ancestors right.

All these hurdles do not let us to move forward and we keep on doing the same things in a same way which obviously has the same consequences, and instead of moving towards success and right path we are stuck!

So what is the solution?

All I could think was this one word “INITIATIVE”. To make people go for the new knowledge is to give them the good result and for giving them the good result somebody has to take the initiative and sacrifice the comfort for making things better.

We have the example of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who was that ODD person who took the initiative; even he had to suffer a lot, but when people found out he is right they followed, and there was the revolution that everyone knows about.

A’aeen-e-nau say darna, tarz-e-kohan peh arrna
Manzil yehi katthan hai qaumon ki zindagi mein



4 comments on “Accepting Changes

  1. JazakAllah khayr. While reading I could honestly relate to almost every single point you’ve told in my life. Like all these fears are there but once you dare to be the odd one out, everyone else starts looking up to you when they realize you’re actually going in the right direction!

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