In the Middle of Nowhere!

In the preface we learnt how much difficulties did the author face during the compilation of the book, well even if I just say 25 years it is a jaw dropping moment, but imagining the 25 years of struggle full of hurdles and stress actually stresses me out!

I remember during my final year project which now seems easy but was a huge deal for us back in the student life, and even a small problem used to look so huge, at many points I almost gave up because I got bored, fed up and stressed out but that was just a university project of 8 months!

It happens that we start something with enthusiasm and excitement, we set goals and rules to achieve the objectives defined and there is involvement of continuous effort. But right in the middle of the problem we find ourselves lost, it is like being in the center of a wide ocean and we can’t  find a way at all and that is the point when we are “in the middle of nowhere”.

The point where we find ourselves stuck is the point when we stop putting efforts for the problem and that particular problem seems like a huge mountain for us to climb and yes we get highly stressed out at that moment. All the excitement and motivation that we had when we started, we actually forget that at this point. So what to do now!?

There are ways which can actually help us in this kind of situation!

1. Divide and Conquer Rule

All of us must have definitely heard the story of a farmer whose sons used to quarrel a lot and the farmer was afraid that when he dies they might still quarrel so he asked them to bring some sticks and break them individually but when those sticks were tied into a bundle nobody could break it. The moral of the story was “unity is strength” but here we are taking it from a different angle!

“If you can’t solve a problem, divide it into smaller problems and solve one problem at a time.”

A small problem is easy to handle but when it becomes the bigger version of small problems we actually freak out and the end result is the same that we are in the middle of nowhere!

2. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the best ways to solve a problem, we identify the problem, analyze what we have done so far and then the major thing i.e. finding out all the possible solutions for the problem and choosing the right path to be followed to achieve the goal and then we start taking action for the plans we make.

This process lets us review our problem and when we review we remember those goals which we wanted to achieve first and how exciting they seemed at the beginning, right when we brainstorm we get motivated right away. Plus our brain becomes active again and when the thinking process starts the problem becomes easy.

3. Taking an Aerial view

When we find ourselves stuck in the problem all we have to do is to get up in that mind helicopter of ours and take an aerial view of the problem because when we step out of the problem for some time and look at it from a distance it becomes easier than ever. It makes us realize how far we have come right now and how small things are left, this actually motivates us and becomes a PUMPING agent.

4. Stay focused, Be Realistic and Follow through

When we start a thing we should keep in mind that it must be finished according to the goals that we defined. And for that we have to stay focused and must not allow ourselves to be distracted by things easily.  If we remember that rabbit and tortoise story which said “slow and steady wins the race”.. so, be like the tortoise who didn’t get distracted by other things but remained focused on the goal. But the goal that we define must not be an unrealistic one but must be reachable.

The author survived and completed the goal he had in mind, why can’t we? We are learning what they left for us which is the cream of their life’s hard work.


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