The Intention!


While going through the amazing preface of the book one thing that caught me instantly was the NIYYAT or the INTENTION. Why is this book so interesting? And why is it so effective? The only word I could think of was *niyyat*.

I found the author so much “down to earth” that he mentioned this work of him as a tiny miny effort of him which he expects to be taken forward by us. It just made me feel whatever we do the intention matters and if the intention is pure Allah definitely makes it worth more than anything.

If he wasn’t pure in his intentions, if he wasn’t that down to earth and consistent about what he was doing the book might be of no effect or might not be even complete.

Niyyat is very much important on both ends

  • The giving end
  • The receiving end

By giving end I mean “the Author”. The purity of his intentions, the reason or urge that made him take the step of writing this book down for us, doing something for the betterment of people, to make the path of hidayah easy for  everyone.

25 years of constant effort!

Which doesn’t make sense when you first listen to it casually but when you actually say it out a little louder “25 YEARS!” and then you take a walk along the gardens of its chapters you really know that the effort was worth it.


When you think big you are more enthusiastic, you think like “Oh yeah! I can conquer the world!” But what happens, you might get lethargic and bored in the way but that pumping agent that was “enthusiasm of doing something BIG” takes control of you and the consistency, hard work, the wish of completing what you started and the goal remains same and even you want to do so many more things. You avail every chance you get to reach that goal.

Allah sees the quality and Ikhlas of our intentions; if the intention is for Allah then you’ll make utmost effort to improve the quality of your Ibadah, because who would not want to put some effort for Allah and get the best in return!

“The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions every person will get the reward according to what he has intended. So whoever emigrates for worldly benefits or for a woman to marry, his emigration will be for what he emigrated for”  -Bukhari

When you want to bring a change somewhere and make people think differently you have to take an initiative which should be so strong that it actually catches the attention of people when they go through it. I am not saying this is an easy thing but surely a very difficult one, because you can’t be a pioneer of something BIG if you don’t have “Ikhlas-e-niyyat” and you don’t make strong base for the people. Same is the case here, the author had made things effective for us by making a strong base for the people and it was all because of the purity of his intentions.

So if we talk about the receiving end then it is US! As the author said it is just a little effort that he did and the rest is to be done by us, that actually shows his thinking that he really thought BIG and relied on US for taking this job further.

What should I be doing now? I should be the one taking lesson from the author, sticking to the goal of doing something BIG with the purest intentions and putting our efforts for Allah (SWT).

We have energies at the climax, we seriously can do wonders, we are the ones who are making the impossible things possible.

All we can just do is to make our intentions pure for Allah, make du`a, put at least little but quality effort for Him and seriously Allah will hold our hands and will make us walk through every difficulty as he did with the author in completion of this amazing book.


4 comments on “The Intention!

  1. We have energies at the climax…
    we seriously can do wonders….
    we are the ones who are making the impossible things possible…..

    Allah will hold our hands …
    and will make us walk through every difficulty as he did with the author in completion of this amazing book……..!!!

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