Being the Unappreciated One

وما أودع بفضل الله في هذه الموسوعة من الجواهر والنفائس، فللقارئ غنمه، وعلى مؤلفه غرمه، وله ثمرته ومنفعته، ولصاحبه كدره ومشقته، مع تعرضه لطعن الطاعنين، وسهام الراشقين، وأستعذر إلى الله من الزلل والخطأ، ثم إلى عباده المؤمنين، والله المستعان، وعليه التكلان.
Translation: [well not quite exact but still you’ll get the meaning.. :)]
“And I have only laid down with Allah’s Grace, in this book, from the gems and the elegance, so the bounty is for the reader and upon the writer is its toil. And for him are the fruits and the profits, and for the author is the fatigue and exhaustion along with facing all the taunts of the sarcastic ones and the arrows of the archers, and I apologize to Allah for the blunders and faults and also to His people, the Mu’mineen. And Allah is The One who sends help and upon Him we put all out trust.”
It’s strange being un-valued and unrecognized by people yet still be able to produce such a literary gem. Sometimes doing anything for Deen becomes a great challenge. Giving time for little acts of charity is made to think as committing a crime by non-supportive people.
The Fiqh-ul-Quloob class this Friday had lots of lovely lessons for this situation. It seems the author knew the feeling and wrote it down in the words stated above. For the author is toiling hours after hours. Only Allah knows how much resistance he must have faced from people around, yet he was able to write a master piece that we all read and enjoy. We take benefit from it without even thinking of the troubles he faced.
So then, appreciation or recognition is not necessary always. Specially expecting family and friends to always be supportive can become the biggest hurdle in doing good deeds. Well, if someone has few supportive family members it’s a great blessing. But suppose there’s a lot of friction there. Then what?
The answer is…the world is a bed of thorns and it’ll be easier to live here and be productive if we prepare ourselves with the necessary armor. The thorns will prick the heart every time we move ahead. Sometimes the heart will bleed and sometimes it’ll just hurt a bit. But the important thing is that it doesn’t bleed to death and even in the toughest of situations we keep making an effort. Because if once the heart dies, it’ll be impossible to revive it. Not even with the shower of Fiqh-ul-Quloob. :,(
So keep the hearts alive, all of you out there, by caring for others and giving them healthy praise, helping humanity, loving Allah’s creation, doing something productive all the time, and most importantly, studying Fiqh-ul-Quloob. You never know how much your heart needs it!

2 comments on “Being the Unappreciated One

  1. ALHUMDULILLAH ,and MA SHA ALLAH,all of you who are putting their share and efforts in the job really deserve young blood are really gift of GOD,we seniors are learning so much from heart is really changing bit by bit after every lesson.KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB. GOD BLESS YOU.

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