What My Allah Wants from Me?


I was doing my analysis a few days back; questioning myself that why am I here? And I came across this paragraph which actually made me brainstorm more.

فخرج الكتاب بفضل الله وعونه مملوءاً بالخيرات.. محبباً للطاعات.. دافعاً للشبهات.. مرغباً في الصالحات.. متوجاً بالآيات القرآنية.. مزيناً بالأحاديث النبوية.

“This book has come out with the blessings and help of Allah; it is full of good, inculcates love of obedience, removes doubt & creates eagerness for good deeds; It is crowned with the verses of Qur’an and is adorned with the Ahadith of the Prophet (sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam).”

All I could think that time was this one thing that “If my mother sends me to get bread from the grocery store and I get back with a Coke, will my purpose be fulfilled? Will my mother be happy?”

I was relating it all to Allah (subhaanahu wa ta`aalaa) that I am here to be Allah’s obedient creation; I am here to obey not to astray from my real purpose but what sort of life do I have right now?

Yes! So many things which actually distract us from our Siraat-al-Mustaqeem, that actually equals to that when I go back to Allah will He be happy with me?  Did I bring the BREAD that he asked for?


It is like that with all our priorities.. We first do what we want, and then we go for what people want, after satisfying them or just wasting our time after them, then comes Allah.

If I want my Allah to be happy with me, I should do something about it.

We need that inner peace in us, we need a motivation to do good deeds, remove all the doubts that we have within us, go through the purification process and then do the righteous deeds.

So, we need to clear out that cloud of doubts from our minds, if the doubts are not there, things will be far easier to understand and here is the way i.e. THE BOOK which is crowned with the verses of Quran and al-Ahadith-an-Nabawiyyah. We will know our own hearts with it, we will know ourselves.

By knowing ourselves the “Tazkiyyah” of our heart can be done by first emptying our hearts from the dirt and then beautifying it with the better things.

Only then we can be good at our deeds. Those deeds which Allah actually wants from us!


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