Greatness of Allah


We started second part of Chapter One last Friday, alhamdulillah.

 فقه عظمة الرب

“Fiqh of Greatness of The Rabb (God)”

The greatness of some of His Names and Attributes was discussed. Here’s where His Name and Attribute ‘Al-Ghani’ is talked about.

وهو سبحانه الغني الذي يرزق الخلائق، ويهب الأولاد، ويقسم الأرزاق، ويرسل الرياح، وينزل المياه، ويجيب المضطر، ويكشف السوء، ويطعم الخلق، ويدبر الأمر.

يفعل ذلك كله متى شاء.. وفي أي وقت شاء.. وبأي قدر شاء.

[Rough translation:] And He, the Glorious, is Al-Ghani (free from all needs), Who gives sustenance to the creations and grants progeny and distributes sustenance and sends forth winds and sends down waters and responds to the desperate one and removes evil and feeds the creation and arranges each matter.

He does this all whenever He wants.. And at whatever time He wants.. And in whatever measure He wants.

So basically He keeps on giving and giving and giving. This is the height of Ghani-ness (free from all needs). Indeed, each of His Attributes and Names show His Greatness!

Ask Al-Ghani whatever you want, He has it all! :)



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