Taste Leads to Passion – FQ Lesson 2


Do you have few lines or words that you just like the sound of them? I have one too and it’s right from this passage.

والذوق يولد الشوق

“Wadh-dhawqu yoolidush-shauq” 

which I could best translate as “Taste leads to passion.” I like the phonetics and the rhyme in it but I also enjoy the deeper meaning behind it and the rest of the passage that follows. It reminds me of people who are deemed a bit “crazy” , “not normal”. They can’t really fit in with the people around them. Their hearts find no joy in the fake laughter around them. For they have tasted Iman, true Iman. In the passage that follows the characteristics of these people are given as

فمن ذاق طعم الإيمان اشتاق إلى تكميل الإيمان والأعمال الصالحة، وتلذذ بعبادة الله، وظهرت شعب الإيمان في حياته، وتعلقت روحه بحياة الملأ الأعلى، فأحبه الله، وأحبه من في السماء، وجعل الله له القبول في الارض

“So whoever tasted of Iman will yearn for the completion/perfection of Iman and good deeds, enjoyment in the worship of Allah (long night prayers and Khushoo` in the obligatory ones), the branches (features) of Iman begins to become evident in his life (i.e Noor on the faces), his Ruh becomes attached to the higher noble beings, Allah loves him, those on the Heavens love him, and Allah puts acceptance (ease and love) for him on Earth.”

It beings with the taste, passes through the road of struggle and `Ibadah and righteous actions and culminates in gaining the love of Allah. The entire story of heart is right here.

For me and you, it begs us a question… have we tasted Iman? Have we really tasted Iman? Or have we not been given tawfeeq to even taste it yet! Reflect, my friends. Reflect.


Say your heart out!

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