Good and Bad Times – FQ Lesson 4


Sakun. Sakinah. Peace. Tranquility. Something that we all seek and many a time the very thing that keeps on eluding us. The author says…

“And when Iman increases, the A’mal (good deeds) also strengthen (as a result), and consequently our circumstances/ times improve and when there is something missing in our Iman, good deeds debilitate…and consequently our circumstances worsen.

This is very true. By improvement in circumstances, it does not mean that doors of unexpected wealth would open up for a person or one would suddenly get a promotion at work that he had been looking forward to for very long. Neither does it signifies good grades or better relationships (though the latter could certainly be a part of it.) It plainly means that there’d be more peace and sakun in life. When it comes down to it, life is only a perception, and how we perceive life is what determines our circumstances. When Iman is strong and deeds are what they are supposed to be, things automatically look brightened. If five prayers are done properly, the rest of the things that we mess up and could not come around to (due to lack of focus or time) become less of a nuisance. Responsibilities lighten up and burdens seem bearable. Time does not seem stiflingly restricted and at the end of the day sleep is easy to come and rest in the eyes. There is sakun in life… something that we all seek. And it does not elude us then.

Yet if the opposite is what is happening, then naturally it’s repercussions follow. If good deeds diminish, sakun is uplifted. Emptiness penetrates the soul and the surroundings look dim. Even if everything is going right and as expected dunya-wise, hollowness and restlessness claim the heart and the very thing that we seek foremost, peace, is retracted.  It’s hard to smile those days and although one has everything one can want and need, the heart is not happy, the soul is not grateful.  There feels a burden on the chest as if over a hollow shell of an egg, a heavy rock has been placed. The circumstances have clearly become bleak.  In common parlance, “rough times” is what have invaded us.

On those days, one should shirk off deceptively important activities and sit with himself for a while quietly. One should reflect on one’s life and while doing that should increase Istighfar and Tauba. When the tears had soaked the eyes and cheeks and when it’s felt that the heavy burden of the soul is removed from the mercy of Allah swt, then one should go out and do some more good deeds. Perhaps smile to one’s mother or wash the dishes or make up the prayer. Verily Allah swt has promised that good deeds remove the bad deeds. And verily there is no peace except in His swt remembrance. At times when life looks dreary, He swt is the Haven that we seek for He is the Owner of All Good. He is Al Barr, THE GOOD. And He is our Rab!



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