Third part of Chapter one is under progress alhamdulillah, titled,

فقه قدرة الرب

“Understanding (fiqh) of Power (Qudrat) of the Master (Rabb)

فسبحان الخلاق العليم الذي فاوت بين مخلوقاته، فخلق الكبير والصغير، والذكر والأنثى، والقوي والضعيف، والثقيل والخفيف، وأحيا بعضها وأمات بعضها، وخلق المخلوقات وفرقها في ملكه في السماء والأرض.

[Roughly translated:] “Glory be to the Creator and the Knowing, Who kept distinction between His creation. So He created the big and the small, and the male and the female, and the strong and the weak, and the heavy and the light, and He brings to life some of them and causes death of some of them, and He created the creation and He differentiated in His kingdom, in the heavens and the earth.”

Where does that leave me? This is the question that comes to mind after reading the above passage. I felt so insignificant and silly and small when I first went through this. It’s not just the humans He made, there is a lot of other creation, we’re just one small puny part.


Think of the ‘big’ (though we don’t even know all the ‘big’) but for example, look at the trees. Imagine yourself standing in the Amazon Forest, and someone comes in a helicopter flying right over the tops of trees, would he see you? Of course not, you’d be a lost thing!

Think of the mountains, people perish trying to conquer them. If we humans were such powerful things, we’d just control the mountain in the blink of an eye, wouldn’t we?



Think of the whales, sharks, cobras, elephants. Just think!

Think of the ‘small’. A mere mosquito can prevent us from sleeping the whole night. We cannot make it go away, we just can’t.



Think of the cells inside our body. One brain cell or heart cell dies, and you’re dead. Why can’t you just shake it and make it work again?

Think of the gene. Can you manipulate them to make a crocodile into a giraffe or vice versa?

Think of the males and females, the strong and the weak, the heavy and the light. Think of examples yourself. Open the dimensions of your brain. Ponder! Share your findings or/and thoughts in the comments section below.

He makes them alive. Can you possibly take the baby from the womb and make it work? Any chance? Try, perhaps?
He makes a whole tree loaded with juicy oranges come out of a tiny seed in the ground. Can you make the seed do that?

Orange Tree

And He makes them dead. The moment the soul leaves, can you catch it and put it back? Why not? It just left. No, you still can’t.
He makes harmful waves and heavenly bodies die before they reach us on the earth, if they do reach someday, do we have any guarantee of protection of this world?

So yes, He created the creation and He controls it, He has kept differentiation. Just as you can’t make a lion weak as a duckling, you can’t make the old man agile as the young. Similarly, you can’t control your life. Not even a single moment.
And who are you amongst the creation? A particle? Maybe even less than that.

How can we, even for a second, consider ourselves something? We are just silly helpless creatures. Really!


4 comments on “Competence!

  1. MashaAllah this post was so good… eye catching (with the beautifully appropriate pics) and heart moving with all the thought provoking examples. Yes I agree that it teaches us humility when we see the awesome creation of Allah but more than that it brings to my mind the awesome-ness of our responsibility. I mean the mountain will remain a mountain and will not be rewarded Jannah even though he remained constantly in Allah’s obedience since the day it was created till its end… why? because it was not programmed to take any choices in life… He was not given this most AWESOME thing that we have and that is the RESPONSIBILITY of taking the right choices and making the right decisions in our life. The whale and the shark and the rivers and oceans do not have to encounter the devil… nor any temptations from which they have to pull themselves out day and night… It is only us… the tiny, silly little humans who have been given this HUGE POWER to fight these ever-attacking enemies… I wonder if the tall pine trees could fight the arrogance of their height or the oceans be humble in front of Allah if they had been given any intellect to be aware of their vastness?? Could they fight the devil or be free of the whispers of desires???
    So I think the human beings are more powerful because of performing these momentous tasks with the help of Allah and that is why they will be the special guests of Allah in Paradise.
    Of course the ULTIMATE greatness and power belongs only to the one who created us but just because he gave us this ENORMOUS responsibility of using the power of choice makes me think that we are not as insignificant for HIM in reality… because sizes and locations matter to us only… for Allah the creator it wouldn’t matter any more than a BIG toy of a child would seem great to us than a small toy… they are big and small only in the eyes of the child… to adults they are merely toys!!
    what do you think?

    • True. That is a different angle and very apt too. :)
      We are insignificant and yet when we obey Him through our own choice, He gives us a status greater than any other creature.

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