The Reality of Imaan


This is from Sub-Chapter 1 [Fiqh-ul-`Ilmi bil-Laahi wa-Asmaa’ihee wa Sifaatihee: Fiqh of the Knowledge of Allah, His Name and His Attributes] of Chapter 1 of the book.

والإيمان بالله أحد أركان الإيمان، بل هو أفضلها وأصلها، وأعظمها، وليس الإيمان مجرد قول باللسان من غير معرفة بالرب وأسمائه وصفاته.

بل حقيقة الإيمان: أن يعرف العبد الرب الذي يؤمن به، ويبذل جهده في معرفة أسمائه وصفاته، ومعرفة آلائه وإحسانه، حتى يبلغ درجة اليقين، وكلما ازداد معرفة بربه زاد إيمانه، وكلما نقص نقص إيمانه.

[Rough translation:] “And Imaan [belief] in Allah is among the pillars of Imaan, rather it’s the most superior, fundamental and great of them. And Imaan is not only a verbal claim made by the tongue, without having recognition of the Rabb and His Names and Attributes. Rather, the reality of Imaan is: that a slave knows the Rabb in which he believes in, and makes effort to understand His Names and Attributes, and His blessings and favors, until he reaches the level of yaqeen (certainty). And whenever his knowledge of the Rabb increases, his Imaan increases, and whenever it (knowledge) decreases, his Imaan decreases.

Among the articles of Faith, the first one (belief in Allah) is the most important and superior one. The one we give give least thought to. Really, what to we know about belief in Allah, other than His Oneness? Do we ever give it much thought? You’d be surprised to know that His Oneness is only about 1%* of Him. [You: Really? :O Me: Yes. :)]

So Imaan is not just something one claims. It’s something one believes in their heart. It’s something one does. To ‘do’ Imaan, you need to:

  1. Know Allah,
  2. Spend time and effort in learning His Names, Attributes, Blessings, Favors etc.,
  3. Keep doing the above until you reach the utmost level of yaqeen (certainty).

The more you do to increase your knowledge about Allah, the more Imaan you’ll have. Tried and tested. It’s a fact. Try it!

Stay connected with this blog and/or the Fiqh-ul-Quloob class to increase your knowledge and thus, Imaan. :)

*I say 1%, because Al-Ahad is one of the 100+ Names/Attributes of Allah.

This is also one of His Names.. :)

This is also one of His Names.. :)


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