Revering Allah


This is from Sub-Chapter 2 [Fiqh-u `Adhamat-ir-RabbFiqh of the Grandeur of ar-Rabb (The Master)] of Chapter 1 of the book.

ومن تعظيمه سبحانه ألا يعترض على شيء مما خلقه وشرعه، ولا على شيء مما قضاه وقدره، ولا على شئ مما أحله وحرمه.

[Rough translation:] “Of Almighty’s veneration is that he (man) does not object to anything that He created and legislated, nor to anything that He destined and decreed, nor to anything that He permitted (made Halaal) or forbade (made Haraam).”

I want to see at least one person who fits that description. One person who reveres Allah according to the above statement. Raise hands (or just comment). Anyone? Anyone who never objected to anything that came from Allah, be it an order or taqdeer? Anyone who never found ‘flaws’ (e.g. ugliness) in Allah’s creation?* Anyone who never said anything negative about Allah’s legislature? Anyone who never frowned at the hurdles that came in his/her life? Anyone who never asked Allah “Why me?”? Anyone who never disobeyed Allah? Anyone who NEVER DISRESPECTED ALLAH?!

Expecting to see no hands raised (and no comments), I rest my case.

SubhanAllah! Do we ever realize how Great is the One we’re sinning against? If only we revered Allah enough, the world would’ve been a better place. No sins, no problems.

May Allah give us better understanding of Himself, His Names and Attributes. And may He forgive us for knowing, yet slipping. :(

*Points towards the haraam means of “beautification” that people use. And the way they characterize something or someone as ‘ugly’ so bravely, forgetting Allah fashioned it/him/her.


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