Seeking Forgiveness


As I was analyzing myself on the following phrase in amazement, I thought of sharing it here so you can analyze yourself too. It’s going to be beneficial inshaAllah. Just take a deep breath, let go of other thoughts for a moment and read on.

Here you go:

ويا من كلما كثرت أوزاره قل استغفاره

[Roughly translated:] And O he, who, whenever his sins increase, his seeking of forgiveness decreases.

Very scary, isn’t it?
Think of it this way, when you’re not seeking forgiveness much, when you don’t feel like crying out of guilt in front of Him, when you’re content with what you’re doing, when you think it’s okay, everything’s cool…. Then you’re actually sinning more! You have increased in His disobedience. :(

Just saying that I seek forgiveness (istighfaar) is not enough, forgiveness has to be really sought. It has to be felt in the heart.

Shaykh asks us,

متى تفيق؟ ومتى تقف بباب مولاك العزيز الغفور الرحيم؟…

…when will you be cured? And when will you stand at the door of your Lord, the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving, the Merciful?

Seeking Forgiveness


3 comments on “Seeking Forgiveness

  1. jazakAllah khairan for sharing this thought because how often do we really get worried if are eyes our dry? If we visualize that everyone is entering jannah and we are unable to go with them because of some sin that we did… then this can be a real good remedy for our carefree nafs to come out of its foolishness… that is why seeking forgiveness is linked with feeling the guilt of realization… only this guilt can bring the tear which Allah loves so much

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