Opening Fiqh-ul-Qulub

The Seekers Path

“Certainly Allah has created the creation for his worship but it is not possible for anyone to worship Allah in the right way that would please Him, except by knowing our Lord, and knowing his names and attributes, and understanding His religion and His laws, and the knowledge of His reward and punishment.”

These are the opening words of the preface to “Fiqh-ul-Qulub”- the encyclopaedia of understanding hearts. What is most touching about this extraordinary book is that I found in it exactly what I was looking for… simple answers to complex questions!!

For example it would take chapters and chapters to define success and its components and then to describe the obstacles and the reasons why we cannot overcome those. But in this book you can see right from the start… that just in a few simple words the author has stated not only our goal of life but…

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