Sea of Entertainment


Shaykh talks about the wonders in this universe and the Power of Allah Almighty, then he goes:

يا حسرة على المفرطين كم آتاهم الله من آية بينة فلم يستجيبوا..؟

واعجباً لهؤلاء أما لهم في الآخرة من نصيب..؟

يا غافلاً ما يفيق، يا حاملاً ما لا يطيق، ألا تستحي؟..، ألا تفيق..؟.

[Roughly translated:] O grief, upon those who are deficient! How many evident signs Allah gave them, yet they did not respond?

O wonder, upon those who will not have any share in the hereafter?

O heedless, who never wakes up! O bearer, who cannot endure! Do you not feel ashamed? Do you not wake up?

I was wondering about the reason of not submitting to the Creator when He has shown clear signs in the universe and in His Book, about the reason of not paying any heed and remaining ignorant, about the reason of picking up great useless worldly burdens. And then these next lines came up. Read on.

وا أسفاه على ضياع الأوقات.. وبعثرة العمر.. وبعثرة الفكر.. وبعثرة الجهد.. أحياناً في الشهوات.. وأحياناً في اللهو.. وأحياناً في اللعب.. وأحياناً في التكاثر.. وأحياناً في المحرمات.. وأحياناً في الكبائر الموبقات.

[Roughly translated:] Woe upon loss of the times… Dispersal of the life… Dispersal of the intellect… Dispersal of the efforts… Sometimes in lusts… and sometimes in fun… and sometimes in play… and sometimes in (worldly) increase… and sometimes in haraam things… and sometimes in major lethal sins.

It’s our wasting of the time that makes us steer away from the reality. How does our time get wasted? In desires and entertainment. Every single thing designed by humans today is programmed to provide us with entertainment.

I write the first two words of what I’m searching for on Google, and it gives me a list of the possible songs I might have been searching for. One of the most popular industries in the world today is that of music. Who are the most celebrated people by majority of the world today? Film stars, singers, those who provide us with entertainment.

You switch on the television or radio; every program will have music in it because it satisfies the desires. Fast food chains are increasing every day, brands of shoes and clothes are growing by the minute, better quality stuff coming out with every launch.

We start right from the beginning of our lives. Mothers put their kids in front of cartoons since the day their backs get stable. The desire matures in them way before the sense of good and bad is developed. They start at school and the first thing they’re taught is nursery rhymes. (I’m not saying halal entertainment is bad but it is when it de-focuses us from the real stuff).

Entertainment is turning filthier and filthier, as when one level of lust is saturated, we have to move on to the next one. I wonder where will it end?!

Information has turned into infotainment; nothing is without the element of ‘fun’. We, our whole communities, are hollow and rotten from inside and getting more rotten every day, yet we don’t know it. We’re actually dying of fun.

The person who’s a bit serious with their studies is termed as a nerd who’s shown wearing a pair of silly glasses and is socially inept. This is what Hollywood shows us, isn’t that infiltration of minds in a very subtle way so as not to take life seriously, and keep the party scene on at all times?

We can talk uselessly for hours but our hearts constrict when talking about the Creator for even five minutes. We’re so used to the filth that we can’t digest the good anymore. Our hearts are malfunctioning.

If we ‘enjoy’ something, we do it. Otherwise we don’t. We’re slaves to our desires yet we try to fool ourselves by saying we’re free.

Isn’t all of the above extremely saddening yet true? It’s a reminder for myself first. When will we stop wallowing in the sea of fun and lusts?



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