Acknowledging Weakness


Allah’s rahmah is so vast and complete and beautiful, you just can’t get enough of even thinking about it.

ورحمة الله لعباده، ودخولهم الجنة، ليست على قدر أعمالهم، إذ أعمالهم لا تستقل باقتضاء الرحمة، وحقوق عبوديته وشكره التي يستحقها عليهم لم يقوموا بها كما يجب لعظمته وجلال سلطانه

[Roughly translated:] And Allah’s mercy on His slaves and their entrance into Jannah is not based on the estimate of their actions; because even their actions and the rights of His worship and His gratefulness are dependent upon the rahmah (mercy) – that would make them worthy of it. They don’t establish these as is wajib of His greatness and dignity of His Authority.

It’s his rahmah that will enable us to enter Jannah, not our own deeds! This is so deep! Perfection or an excellent result is not required from us. It’s only the effort that counts. We can’t even enter Jannah without His rahmah, how can we perform good deeds without it? How can we abstain from bad deeds without His rahmah?

We don’t have to depend on ourselves, really!

We take the burden on ourselves and when we’re unable to do it or find it’s difficult to go on, we just sit down, flat. That’s where dua comes in (in fact, it comes in even before that). Although we are enveloped by His rahmah every moment of our life, whether we ask for it or not, but calling upon Him in happy times and sad times, easy times and tough times is crucial for us to have the feeling that we’re only human (read: slaves), at the very least.

Dua is the essence of ibadah. When we call upon Him, we’re admitting that we’re weak and we need the support of someone stronger. We can’t do ibadah without making dua. We need to ask Him for taufeeq for every small or big action that we want to do. Our real strength lies in our knowing and admitting that we’re weak.

Allah says in the Quran,

وَخُلِقَ الْإِنسَانُ ضَعِيفًا

“and mankind was created weak.” (An-Nisa 28)

That weakness of ours is the reason that we ask for His forgiveness even though we might not have committed any sin. We don’t have the strength to worship Him as we should. We can’t worship Him as is His right to be worshiped, it’s impossible for us. He’s too Great. We need His rahmah every step of the way.

May He give us the taufeeq to understand our weakness, to do small and big good deeds, to stay away from sins, and may He forgive our past sins and always keep us enveloped in His rahmah until we enter Jannah. Ameen.


3 comments on “Acknowledging Weakness

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  3. This is so true. The thing which brings comfort most of the times is admitting in front of our creator that we are weak and at each moment we need Him.

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