Consciousness of Knowledge


We’ve started the fifth sub-chapter Alhamdulillah,

Fiqh of knowledge of the Lord

فقه علم الرب

Before sharing the excerpt that I want to write about, let’s talk a bit about the vastness and extent of Allah’s knowledge. Just a quick reminder because we know that HE. KNOWS. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. We can’t talk too much about His knowledge because our own knowledge is very limited, in fact, nothing compared to His.


He knows whatever is in the heavens and the earth, the mysteries of the galaxies, the planets, stars, clouds, mountains, rivers, forests, deserts, oceans, sea creatures, dark depths of ocean beds, caves, glaciers, whatever’s in the womb of mothers of humans, big and small animals, insects, whatever’s apparent and hidden, whatever’s past and is yet to come, whatever’s in this world and the next. He knows what’s happening in the day and night, the number of leaves, the hair on our heads, the blinking of our eyes, the beating of our hearts, the breathing of our breaths. He knows our smallest teeniest fear that we’d be too embarrassed to share with anyone, even with our own selves. Our weird thoughts, mixed feelings, confused emotions, tightening of our lips, that little smile, that tiny frown. He knows when the soul leaves the body. He knows every dead body ever buried in the darkness of the mud, along with their every single deed, action, movement and breath. He knows our intentions, our needs, our wants, our problems, our blessings.

When you get to know all of the above and more, this is what happens…

…إن الشعور بعلم الله وعظمته ورقابته على هذا النحو شعور مطمئن ومخيف معاً

[Roughly translated:] “Indeed consciousness of the knowledge of Allah, His Greatness and His Supervision is reassuring and scary at the same time…”

Knowing all this is supposed to make us feel scared and comforted simultaneously. One moment we’re involved in a good deed/thought/gesture, the very next moment in a bad one. So both fear and reassurance are to be a part and parcel of each other. The problem arises when in tough times we forget that He knows and do not do tawakkul enough and so become hopeless. Similarly, when we are involved in an act of His disobedience and forget that He knows, we don’t become fearful of Him and keep on doing it boldly.

The thing to remember is that His knowledge is complete. Nothing, not a thing does He miss. Neither when someone hurts you or speaks a harsh word to you nor when you do the same to someone. Allah knows!




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