Life of the Non-Living


Did you know the things that we consider non-living have a life span as well? Just like the time of life and death of every human and living thing is predestined, so is it of inanimate objects.

والأشياء كالأحياء، كلها ذات آجال وأعمار في كتاب الله كالإنسان، وكل ذلك بتقدير العزيز العليم

 [Roughly translated:] And things are like the living. Like the human, they all have a certain duration and age in the Book of Allah. All this is the determination of the Exalted in Might, the Knowing. 

It is all written and known to Allah subhanahu wata’ala, it is us who know not. Imagine His knowledge! He knows your favorite pen, ring, watch or book and He knows when its life will end.

So when you break a cup, burn a shirt while ironing, lose some money or a favorite object, remember it has died and couldn’t have stayed with you any longer. This would save your time that you would have spent mourning and save your relationship that you would have strained by blaming the other person. Instead, accept the fate!

broken glass

“so you would not grieve for that which had escaped you” (Al-i-Imran 153)



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