Beauty Having No Comparison


I was standing in a shop when I saw a mother enter it with her three kids. The eldest was a girl, about three years of age, and next were twins, eight months old. The children were so exquisitely adorable that I was mesmerized. I marveled at Allah’s creation and praised Him for creating such beauty in this world so that our eyes can feast on it.

But what I didn’t think of was how beautiful would be the One who created such beauty. Our minds rarely steer in that direction!

We’ve started the sixth sub-chapter titled,

فقه جمال الرب

Fiqh of beauty of the Lord

The following excerpt gives a glimpse of His unimaginable beauty…

ولو أن الخلق كلهم كانوا على أجملهم صورة، ثم كانوا كلهم على جمال تلك الصورة، ونسبت جمالهم الظاهر والباطن إلى جمال الرب سبحانه، لكان أقل من نسبة سراج ضعيف إلى قرص الشمس في رابعة النهار

 [Roughly translated:] And if all the creation becomes like the most beautiful of them in face, then they all become beautiful like that one face, and their inner and outer beauty is compared with beauty of the Lord, it would be as less in comparison as a flickering lamp would be with the sun disk in a shining day.

SubhanAllah! Imagine that! How beautiful Allah is! You must have had the moment when someone’s smile lit up their whole being with beauty and you were amazed, or the shades of autumn leaves fallen all over gripped you, or that odd silver sparkle in the ripple of water gave a thrill to your heart. Imagine all the moments of beauty that you ever experienced. And then pick the best out of those, the one that left an imrpint on your mind forever and then know that all that beauty that you’ve seen and felt and all that you haven’t seen ever but exists in abundance in this great big world is nothing, absolutely NOTHING when compared to HIS beauty.

I wonder what kind of thrill would I feel in my heart when I see Him! When I see Him with my own eyes in Jannah (say inshaAllah). If you get to know of a place, object or person who is extremely beautiful, so beautiful that it equals nothing in this whole world and you keep on hearing about its beauty, wouldn’t you be dying to go and see it with your own eyes? But this is the Creator of beauty that we’re talking about. We don’t know or don’t believe in Allah’s beauty and so we don’t yearn for it with our whole heart.

If we really believe in His beauty, doing good deeds would become easier for us, we’d rush to do them, we’d really want to go to Jannah so that we see His Face (inshaAllah). This world wouldn’t engross us like it does, it would truly feel like a prison, with eyes on the ultimate goal! <3

His Face



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