Forever Complete



So He is the true God, complete in His being.

Seems like such a simple statement. But I was so surprised today when I realized I hadn’t ever understood what it really meant. It helped to compare to humans. 

Think of how much we need in order to complete ourselves. We need spouses and children and family to fulfil and complete us emotionally. We need sources of intellectual and spiritual fulfilment, apart from the obvious physiological sources of food and drink and rest.

And then there’s Allah – already perfect, already complete, and completely independent of ANY source of fulfilment.

To fulfil ourselves, we humans have to take, and take, and take some more – from all these sources. And then there’s Allah – always giving, giving, giving, endlessly – and still perfect, forever complete!

What a lovely, golden feeling to know THIS is the Lord we worship! 

And then I shiver to think that THIS is the Lord we also so casually neglect and disobey.


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