Deluge of Mercy


ومن أسمائه الحسنى عزَّ وجلَّ: الرحمن.. والرحيم

[Roughly translated:] And from His beautiful names are: Ar-Rahman (the Entirely Merciful) and Ar-Raheem (the Especially Merciful)

So started the sub-chapter


(the Entirely Merciful),

filled with instances of His Mercy that are manifested every moment of our lives yet we tend to ignore them, profound that they are. Although every aspect and dimension of His Mercy is enough to leave us awestruck yet there is one that intrigues me every time I’m reminded of it and I wonder how do we steer far away from Him after this?

ومن رحمة الرحمن الرحيم أنه يعيذ برضاه من سخطه، وبعفوه من عقوبته، ومن نفسه بنفسه

[Roughly translated:] And from the Mercy of the Entirely Merciful and the Especially Merciful is that He gives refuge with His contentment from His discontentment, and His forgiveness from His punishment, and from Himself with His self.

Who else is there in the entire world whom we displease and he gets angry and then the angry person himself engulfs us in his mercy to save us from his own anger? Not a soul! Indeed, Allah has no comparison, no likeness with any human or entity. We make Him angry and then we turn to Him and ask Him to save us from His anger and He envelops us in His mercy and forgives us and blesses us even more and then again we make Him angry and again we turn to Him and again He showers us with mercy and forgiveness and love and blessings. This keeps on happening over and over and over again and He keeps on forgiving us. Allahu Akbar!

Not even our own mothers, who love us with their hearts and souls, are that merciful to us. He, the Ar-Rahman, does not even remind us of our previous mistakes if once we have been forgiven. He does not say, “you’ve been disobedient a million times, I’ve had enough”. No, He does not! He knows we have no one to turn to if He’s displeased with us, so He blesses us with His mercy. What more can we possibly wish for? Why aren’t we grateful enough?




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