Reflections of a Fiqh-ul-Quloob Student

Written by Sr. Umbreen Qureshi:
Last year i went for umrah. My husband wanted to ask some fiqhi question from the mufti sahib who sits in haram’s office. I asked one question too, he was pleased and asked me how much arabic I know, I told him I learnt word for word translation and tafseer of Quran (tqu), and currently I am a student of bukhari at alhuda. He gave us few booklets and then gave me a thick book of 1166 pages, named.   مختصر الفقه الاسلامي في ضوء القران والسنه
And said ,we give this book only to special people, read it.
I love books more then anything since my childhood, i was happy on one one hand having a book as a gift from Haram, but surprised on the other how would i read it? Standing in the Haram confused, then i prayed to Allah the Almighty please grant me the ability to read and understand this book, as I had to take a step after praying, I gathered my abilties, and courage open the book read 2 pages تبركاً and intended in my heart i will read it one day iA.
We came back, suddenly one day got a news that ustazah has arrived to canada and further to my surprise she taught كيف تنجو من مكاءد الشيطن
And i said there we go, arabic book stuck to my mind.
Thb course ended, I was offered to be the sheppered (CI) for upcoming short arabic course I did istikhara and accepted the offer for FQ.
The course started, went very well and smoothly, muqaddimh was amazing, i was greatly impressed by writer, wanted toread the whole book, and other books of this writer desprately, thinking that now i can read the book mufti sahib gave me, i took out the book, and i cant express my feelings, my body was shaking, hands and feet were cold and i was crying with tears, thanking Him, asking for His forgiveness, praising Him, thinking about His sifatالودود، اللطيف،الخبير،الوهاب،الهادي،الشكور،العليم،الفتاح،العظيم …..and so on.
The mufti sahib gave me the book by the same writer,  the book which writer recommended to read at the end of muqaddimah. I learnt too many lessons, Quranic verses echoing in my mind.
الا يعلم من خلق وهواللطيف الخبير
فباي الاء ربكما تكذبان
وان تعدو نعمة الله لاتحصوها
لءن شكرتم لازيدنكم
My rab accepted many of my duas i prayed repeatedly in haram my fav. Duas,
الهم اني اسءلك حبك…..
I want your marfat, want to know you,
I want guidance, right path,
Purify my heart, remove its diseases……etc.
He showed me the path, guided me, opened the door,lead me to the way of this course, gathered all means for me. Alhamdolillah.
May Allah grant me the ability to gain his marfat, and love,and to get the advantage of all of the means He gathered for me, and to all of the seekers of His love. Aameen.
Although reading the muqaddimah improved my arabic reading and understanding, learnt application of grammer, (current grammer workshop complimented the application and understanding), style and perfectly chosen words express the thought but beside that actual thought and material and content is most important for me. Writer guided us to achieve our goal as Allah’s servent step by step, first how to establish our connection with our rab, know Him, learn the ways how to fulfil our duties toward Him as His slaves, our our ibadat will no more be the rituals, and after that dont go toward rehbaniyat, we have to show His other slaves the same path, His marfat. Specially the second last lecture about daeeyan is eye opening for all of those who work for His cause. Our goal of life in a way that
Main nay jana goya yeh bhi meray dil main hay!!!
للفقيرالي عفو ربها
عنبرين قريشي

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