Some More Reflections

Rahat Aman:

Previous days with Fiqh ul Qulub were like someone explaining me the condition of my heart, causes of my be-amali, kum-himmati, bechaini
What is actually lacking in this heart?
It’s the the real Ma’rifat of Allah (swt) which can solve many of my problems, it actually helps me know myself better and people around me.
May Allah (swt) give us and Ustazah the taufeeq and himmat to complete this book with its due expectations.

Nikhat Tanveer:

When I first heard the name of the book ”Encyclopedia of the Fiqh of Quloob”, it seemed intimidating. And then, when I saw the book in Arabic language with no tashkeel, I was even more apprehensive. But the fact that Ustahzah was teaching it and my confidence in her selection of the book and her teaching (that her explanation will make it easy and interesting) made me take it up. I thank Allah who gave me the ability to read this book, to Ustahzah who made it fathomable, to Sr. Taimia to take up this task and guide us.

As I started reading this 35-page preface, I was having a glimpse in the scholarly mind, and persona of the author. The way he had a bird’s view at the condition of the ummah today is remarkable. He keeps mentioning that his book has a collection of Quranic ayahs, hadiths and sayings of pious predecessors, I haven’t reached there yet to taste them, they surely will be truly great, nothing can even come close to it. , I was enchanted with the Arabic language, the author’s choice of words and their proper placement. I learnt a lot from his out-and-out humbleness, never ever taking the credit for doing anything after taking 25 years to pen this book. The way he thanks Allah for all the accomplishments is incredible. And I also learnt from this preface to ask forgiveness on that which I had never thought of before. More than anything else, today when the ummah is divided on the dos and the don’t s of shariah, this author is taking us back to the origin of Iman that is the Heart. It is very essential to understand our hearts to come close to Allah. I am eager to stroll in the garden of his book, and nourish my heart and soul with its fruits. May Allah give us the opportunity and ability to read this book and benefit from it, Ameen.

Naheed Sattar:

The study and understanding of this preface has given me the true understanding of this life… that no event that takes place, no sadness, no pleasure, no pain but it has a purpose and this purpose is something we live for and cannot live without.
And what is this purpose? To free ourselves from the attachments of this life, to empty our heart from all false desires and amusements and to fill in this place with true, pure and sincere love for our Creator.
Once this is nourishment starts coming in, the true meaning of gratitude is understood, then true humility is shown, true meaning of Tawakkal is applied and true worship takes place.
This makes one realize the true greatness of Allah s.w.t, wakes one from the deceptions, and heedlessness and motivates us to do some action..
It is very hard to describe the feeling, you love yourself for the faith you have, you preserve every moment that is passing and you want to sacrifice for the sake of the new reality you discovered., you feel the strength to change the world around you, you want to thank Allah for each and every blessing you have..
Thus this little time spent just doing the introduction has opened my heart to accept the fact that there is only one way to survive in this life and the next…… that is to submit and live only to please my Rabb. So long as there is still a tomorrow, a next moment, there is hope, there is change.
What is lost is not lost forever!


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