Right Du’a at the Right Time

Written by Sr. Naheed Sattar

Assalamoalaykum wr wb.

Inline image 1
While doing my Fiqh ul Quloob  assignment, I read this du’a several times, kept repeating these words . Every word is a gem and this is what we actually end up doing without realizing at that moment and do not even realize later. But these du’as have opened my eyes and made me think twice before I say or do anything.
“We ask for forgiveness from Him عز و جل from every thing that causes our steps to slip, from every mistake our pen makes or crosses the limits, we ask Him for forgiveness for our words that do not match our actions, we ask forgiveness from Him from that knowledge and those actions through which we wanted to seek His pleasure only but we mixed this intention by showing off others, we ask  forgiveness from Him  سبحانه و تعالى  for every blessing that he granted us, He favored upon us, but we used those blessings in His disobedience, we ask for forgiveness from every thought that invited us towards pretending and showing off in front of people.”
May Allah protect us all from these hidden sins and may He grant us the Tawfeeq and opportunity to ask for His forgiveness sincerely in this month of Ramadan.

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