The Beautiful Story


One of the names of Allah is


Al-Lateef, which not only means that He is gracious and gentle but also very subtle and precise.

The following excerpt will elaborate His subtleness and precision in His plans and working of the universe.

 وهو سبحانه اللطيف، البر بعباده، الذي يلطف ويرفق بهم من حيث لا يعلمون، ويرزقهم من حيث لا يحتسبون، والذي يلطف بعبده ووليه، فيسوق إليه البر والإحسان من حيث لا يشعر، ويعصمه من الشر من حيث لا يحتسب، ويرقيه إلى أعلى المراتب بأسباب لا تخطر على باله، حتى أنه يذيقه المكاره ليتوصل بها إلى المحاب الجليلة، والمقامات النبيلة

[Rough translation:] And He, Glorified is He, is Al-Lateef, He is benevolent to His slaves, He shows gentleness and leniency to them from ways of which they know not, And He gives them sustenance from where they have not calculated, And He shows gentleness to His slave and to His ally, so He drives towards him goodness and kindness from where he does not sense, And He protects him from evil from where he has not calculated, And He raises him to high ranks through means which have not even crossed his mind, until He makes him taste difficulties so that he reaches through them to the favourable and honourable things and noble statuses.

Doesn’t the above look like a well-written story? When we read a best-seller or watch a blockbuster, we can’t get enough of it, we keep singing praises of the mind behind it. The story grips through its twists and turns and in the end unwinds in a way that amazes us and we go, “oh, that’s what it was all about”.

Beautiful Story

And yet those authors or script writers cannot be compared with the Creator in any way whatsoever. The human minds borrow their stories from every day lives around them. But our own stories are written by Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) Himself in such an intricate manner, interwoven into each other and yet so smooth at the same time. It’s a plot in which we all seem to be puppets.

There is this great big universe in which we are born and raised. Every day we are provided with food which connects our lives to the workers in food-producing factories, farmers, plants, cattle, fish in the sea, all the creatures and humans that we do not even know of yet we are interdependent on each other. Every day we are saved from big and small accidents, the means of which are made some other humans or things. Other people play a role in our lives and we play different roles in theirs. Allah steers us in different directions, makes us go through trials and tribulations, all for our own ultimate good.

Do you see the finesse and perfection in these real life stories? We take the things that happen to us for-granted, although it’s all part of the plan. It is all for a reason! And the reasons behind those things are not evil because He is not only subtle but also gentle with us. It’s only a matter of realization!



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