Veiled Secrets


While going through Allah’s name,


there came a sentence which caught my attention and kept me wondering…

الله تبارك وتعالى هو اللطيف، الذي أحاط علمه بالسرائر والخفايا، وأدرك الخبايا والبواطن، الذي لا تخفى عليه خافية، ووصل علمه إلى كل خفي

[Rough translation:] Allah, Blessed and Exalted, He is Al-Lateef (the Subtle), His knowledge encompasses the secrets and private things, and He is aware of concealments and hidden things, on Whom hidden things are not hidden, and His knowledge reaches every hidden thing.

In this excerpt, four different words have been used for secrets. I wanted to know why was that, surely there must be some difference among these words. Specially since Arabic is not like any other language in which synonyms mean exactly the same. After searching here and there, this is the basic difference that I got to know:


It means all kinds of hidden acts and secrets. So whatever is concealed from Allah, whether big or small, in heavens or earth, between a few people or more, in the subconscious minds or thoughts, Allah knows it!


It is something that is relatively secret. For example, it could be something that you know of and you haven’t told anyone else so they don’t know. But Allah knows it!


These are concealed things that are negative, not good. There might be some hidden crime or wrongdoing on someone’s part, Allah knows that as well!


It means the innate concealed acts. For example, someone might be very generous and does a lot of charity that no one knows about, but it is in Allah’s knowledge!

image (1)

No matter what kind of hidden thing it is that you think no one would ever know, it is not hidden from Allah! The point I want to establish is that we all have many bad habits and do various bad deeds day and night. If we start thinking about all the bad that is in us, we might start hating ourselves. We do not want anyone to know of our wrongs. If ever anyone gets to know of something bad that we did, we feel embarrassed to face them that now they know.

But Allah, who knows the worst in us more than us, still loves us and forgives us and cares for us. What height of love is that? And we, obstinate as we are, knowing that He knows all the vices in us, still don’t feel embarrassed in front of Him. What height of impudence is that? :(


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