Earning Love


Dear reader, do you want that someone loves you more than anything in the world? Definitely, right? I don’t think any person would respond to this question in the negative. It’s a topic that no one ever tires of; love. Every single human in this world, not only humans but every creature, wants to be loved. Well do you know that the Creator of this universe Himself loves you? Imagine the whole universe and then the Master and Owner of that, He loves me?

Yes, He is Al-Wadood.


But His love doesn’t mean that whatever you do, He’ll keep on loving and forgiving you. You have to do some things too to earn His love more and more.

وهو سبحانه الودود، الذي يحب من أطاعه، ويبغض من عصاه، يحب التوابين ويحب المتطهرين، ويحب المؤمنين والمتقين، ويحب الصابرين والصادقين، ويحب المحسنين والمتوكلين

[Roughly translated:] And He, the Almighty, is the Affectionate. He loves the one who obeys Him, and He hates the one who disobeys Him. He loves those who are constantly repentant, and He loves those who purify themselves, and He loves the believers and those who fear Him, and He loves those who are patient and those who are truthful, and He loves those who are the doers of good and those who rely upon Him.

From the above excerpt we find that Allah does not only love but He hates too. Isn’t this scary? None of us wants Him to hate us, we all want His love, so to earn that let’s try to instil the qualities mentioned above. Let’s start with one. For example, we can start to be honest and truthful in whatever we do. It’ll definitely have its benefits in our daily life as well, as our heart will be at peace knowing there is no pretence anywhere. But we’ll do it with the intention that He loves us. InshaAllah. Are you in?

I would appreciate if you share your experiences, in the comments section below, after adopting one of the above qualities so that others are motivated too and they too get His love. <3




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