The Bond of Affection


In the last post we discussed that how each one of us is loved by Allah, Al-Wadood. But the interesting thing is that most of us also claim to love Allah in return. No matter how righteous or sinful a person you come across, usually they’ll say yes, I love Allah. But then why are their lifestyles so different?

The truth is that each one of us is innately programmed to love our Creator, Al-Wadood. Where then does the problem lie?

وحب الله ورسوله يقوى بقوة العلم الشرعي، وكمال المعرفة بالله وآلائه، وكلما كان العبد عالماً بدين الله وأحكامه وشرعه عاملاً به، كان حبه لله أقوى من غيره من الجاهلين، وإن كانت محبة الله موجودة في الفطر، ولكنها تقوى بالذكر والعلم الشرعي، وتضعف بالجهل والغفلة، والشبهات والشهوات

[Roughly translated:] And love of Allah and His Prophet is strengthened by

  • strength of the lawful knowledge (of Quran and sunnah),
  • and by perfection of knowing Allah and His favours

And whenever a slave is knowledgeable of

  • Allah’s religion
  • and His commands
  • and His law
  • and acts according to it,

his love of Allah is stronger than those others who are ignorant. And indeed love of Allah exists innately.

But it is strengthened by

  • remembrance
  • and lawful knowledge (of Quran and sunnah),

and it is weakened by

  • ignorance
  • and negligence
  • and doubts
  • and desires

So the basic love of Allah is there but it’s not a constant phenomenon, it is up to us whether we turn our backs on it or embrace it by our actions against or in Allah’s way.

love of Allah



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