Darkness Ever After


While reading about the creation of fire, a sentence got stuck in my mind and wouldn’t go away. It keeps coming back to me…

We read about the different kinds of fire.

الأولى: نار لها إشراق وإحراق كالشمس، وكالنار المعروفة

The first one that has brightness and the quality of burning like the sun and it is the common fire that we are familiar with. 

الثانية: نار لها إحراق بلا إشراق، وهي نار جهنم المظلمة

The second kind of fire is the one that has the quality of burning but no light or brightness and that is the dark fire of Jahannum (hell). 

We know that hell will be dark and there will be fire in there but somehow I never could place the two together in my mind because for us the fire that comes to the mind is orange, yellow and blue. But fire itself being black and not having the quality of light in it innately, is what drives it home. Being burnt is one thing, being lonely is another and then being in pitch dark? It’s too much for the imagination because indeed, we can’t imagine it and it will be too much to bear.

How can people even joke about hell ever? How can they say carelessly that it’s okay, we’ll bid our time in there and then go to Paradise. Do you really think you can bear even a second of being burned and being lonely in complete darkness?

Try putting your hand in the stove for a minute without wrenching it back. You wouldn’t be able to and yet that is only the fire of this world. The fire of hell will be 69 times of what this world’s fire is. Its severity is beyond our imagination.

May Allah keep us and our loved ones far away from it and take us into Paradise without even seeing what hell looks like. Ameen.

While reading the Quran and hadith, mark the verses and narrations that mention the words/actions that deserve the punishment of the fire and stay away from those things.

Call to Action:
Share this with your loved ones and people around you and try your best to save them from the fire of hell as well. You wouldn’t want this for anyone, would you?



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