‘Fiqh-ul-Quloob’ is a book written by Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin ‘Abdullah At-Tuwaijiri. It deals with the matters of heart and is available only in Arabic language.

In this blog we, a group of sisters, will be sharing all the lessons, important points and other really cool stuff related to this book, after attending each class in which we are taught by renowned scholar, Dr. Farhat Hashmi.

To benefit from this journey of ours, follow us.

P.S. You can download the PDF version from here: Fiqh-ul-Quloob Complete Book [PDF]

13 comments on “About

  1. assalamualikum,great job dear baji’s:)
    wana write some thing but am not finding words cuz i had been much bad in urdu-eng writtings ,so help me out:)
    jazakillahu khair:)

  2. Assalam u alaikum warehmatulahi wabarakatihi Sisters :)
    Awsome Blog MASHALLAH………May ALLAH (SWT) bless you all :)
    As sister rehab is weak in eng and urdu ,m weak in Arabic :'( ………… Feeling Shame :( M a Muslim and i dont know about my language :( …………Any sister who may help me out? :) I’ll be grateful :)

  3. Wonderful initiative, jazakumullah khair. Thank you for the download link too, i was wondering how to get the book. I think I can contribute writings once in a while :) Just started attending. How (where) to send you stuff if I write something?

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